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peachymoumo asked:

First of all, this video is incredible. I show it to all my friends and co-workers and they are always amazed. So I wanted to embark on a similar project to work on my editing skills. I really wanted to know how you downloaded all these trailers and what platform you used to edit them. Thank you so much!

Thanks! I use Final Cut Pro X and download the trailers on

Deconstructing the 2013 Movie Trailer Mashup

Why deconstructing a mashup? Because these videos are often perceived as a random mess of pretty images from movie trailers. While that’s absolutely true, there’s an opportunity to explore themes and also pay a few obscure tributes to elements that don’t belong in the video itself but that are generally widespread within pop culture. These tributes have been going on for a few years now, and it’s hard to edit the footage in a way that won’t feel reminiscent of one of the many great tributes put out by other editors in years past. I really tried to avoid that in some parts, not so much in other parts. All in all I was happy with the end result. Let’s get right into it, shall we?


Shaky cam opening shot! No time to waste, this show’s already on the road. The first segment is meant to illustrate the mayhem that can ensue when humans persecute other humans into ideologies that aren’t their own. Nothing like a demonstration featuring an army of police officers in these ridiculous outfits to put us right into a mood of chaos. Get your pepper spray ready!


Footage of the mobs in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire mixed together very quickly with real-life footage of the 2011 Egyptian revolution from The Fifth Estate. Massive amounts of people rising to overthrow their governments and using flags as a symbol. Flags that both seem to feature a golden bird right in the middle. Wait a minute…


So many movies about racial discrimination this year that they had to all be put together in a way that would feel cohesive. The trailer for ‘42’ already did all the work of associating the song Brooklyn Go Hard by Jay-Z to the unfair treatment of African Americans. All I had to do is fill in the blanks with some of the other major releases that also dealt with the matter. Perhaps the financial success of The Help in 2011 is what paved the way for all these projects to be greenlit.


I really wanted to tie things together nicely with a sequence of African American groups retaliating against the oppression. My clip of choice was from the Black Panther movement scenes in The Butler, but then I stumbled onto this seemingly unrelated clip from 2 Guns and for some reason it fell in there perfectly like the missing piece of a puzzle. Let it rain, BOOM!


The Purge was a fantastic low-budget Summer movie (and I mean shoestring budget) that left much to the imagination in terms of what happened out there on that fateful night. So I wanted other movies to help out a little bit and give us a more grandiose view of what was going down in the streets once the sirens went off. For starters, can you imagine if one bad-ass mf dressed up like that so he could purge? That would be, ehm… intimidating.


"This is not a test… This is your emergency broadcast system…" Going one extra layer above the idea of a Purge mashup was this imagery reminiscent of the Cuban Missile Crisis. You’re in a classroom and then the atomic bomb hits! The fear of a nuclear attack on the United States in the sixties has a rather vague correlation with The Purge but the feeling associated to it really seemed like a perfect fit to the audio voiceover.


MUR…DER… Since we’re talking futuristic crimes, a quick little nod to Steven Spielberg’s Minority Report (your subconscious caught that one!)


The sound effect over this shot is actually the slow motion breaking lightbulb from the Sucker Punch trailer. I never got over how good that sound effect is and keep using it from time to time (since the 2011 Movie Trailer Mashup).


2013 was the year of Disney stars throwing the image that made their career into a dumpster in the hopes of being perceived as edgy and provocative. This imagery provides a window into how much of an absurd contrast it represents to see Selena Gomez in a movie like Spring Breakers or Hannah Montana on stage at the VMA’s. It also gives the first segment an intriguing non-PG rated edge.


From Jesus himself to Only God Forgives… How religious is the Skunk going to be this year? Well, that’s about it after that, really.


A little reference to Al Capone and The Untouchables. There’s just something about the way Mr. Gatsby smiles in this beautiful shot that doesn’t ring sincere. I saw an opportunity to portray that mob boss who celebrates while his goons go take care of business with a machine gun. Both clips have a retro look, all I was missing was a henchman whispering into Leo’s ear that the job was done.


This frame shows up for a split-second at 1:28. That’s because  I mashed the static from the V/H/S/ 2 trailer with the Catching Fire mockingjay sign. It’s as subliminal as it gets this year, sorry to disappoint! A reasonably disturbing image to sneak in, however.


Two comedies about a man-child who needs to rethink his life after being thrown into fatherhood. And yet Instructions Not Included was a bigger box-office success in the United States than Delivery Man even if it was sub-titled. Draw your own conclusions, but I think it’s clear that people love sub-titles and we need more of them. Hear that, studios?


You really need to see this! A little nod to this classic scene from Jurassic Park which also visited our multiplexes in 2013:


Paul Walker died tragically a few hours before I was about to upload the mashup and the original clip I had of him featured a car stunt that suddenly felt highly insensitive. I found a better place for him right here instead and had to re-edit the action montage at the last minute.


Here’s something you definitely didn’t notice: August Osage County in the high octane racing montage! This goes to show that once you take any camera shot out of context and make it your own, you can do anything with it.


That moment in the movie trailers when the music stops! I can’t explain why it’s so effective; why it still works even though we’ve experienced it a thousand times over. There’s just emphasis in our attention because they stopped the music so we could hear what they’re about to say. Must be an important announcement then. (BOTTOM!)


That clip of You’re Next was a small and arguably obscure reference to the way Roland Emmerich ended his famous major cities destruction scene in Independence Day. Not too far-fetched, everyone remembers that scene. More specifically, everyone remembers wondering why the fire wouldn’t penetrate into that tunnel room even if the door was wide open.


What if Edgar Wright had been given 300M to direct The World’s End? Thanks G.I. Joe: Retaliation for overspending on money shots because you didn’t feel confident enough about how your test screenings turned out.


More often than not, the point of a mashup of movie trailers is to squeeze the most gorgeous-looking shots out of two minute trailers that are meant to represent the most gorgeous-looking shots out of two hour movies. This rainy rose (for example) comes from the trailer for How I Live Now, and it is by far the prettiest shot in the entire movie. The same way we just went through an overdose of action, I decided to put you through an overdose of pretty.


From a little girl running to a teenager to a fully grown woman while a clock keeps ticking, the initial montage of fast moving imagery tries to represent how quickly life goes by and why we can eventually feel the need to look backwards at some point and reassess what we’ve lived through. Nice clip from Mama showing a huge aisle of archives cut together with Stories We Tell. We’re definitely in more serious territory than we were with the first two segments.


More films about characters reflecting on their lives and the connections they either made or missed along the way. Now comes the difficult part of mashup editing where you pick imagery based on the assumption that those watching have seen and been touched by these movies. However, most people never heard of Philomena or The Wind Rises and so these few seconds become an exclusive little treat for the most avid movie fanatics only.


Who doesn’t love a good magic trick? The use of audio from Morgan Freeman’s credibility inducing quotes in the absurd but fun Now You See Me gets paired up with any image I could find in a movie trailer this year that is reminiscent of magic. Flowers, butterflies, smoke, silk scarves. The other movies did such a good job that I ended up not needing any images from Now You See Me. Even better.


IT’S A BIRD! IT’S A PLANE! IT’S SUPERMAN! (Not necessarily in that order…)


Lie to us… We’ll lie to you… A little nod to the controversial US Drones with the merging of two zoom shots: One from Getaway and one from The Fifth Estate. Both zooms totally merge so well it looks like a single shot. I was very happy with how that part of the video turned out.

Liam Hemsworth quickly escapes from his movie Paranoia and manages to jump right into his other movie Catching Fire. Fun gimmick to see an actor jumping from one movie to the next. I will try it again in future years, hopefully with a more fluid outcome.


The Woof of Wall Street…


Fellow movie enthusiast Alexander Huls (@alxhuls) rightly pointed out in a tweet that Gravity, 12 Years a Slave and All is Lost were all movies about one person’s resilience to survive. I got inspired by his observation and stretched it out to other movies like Dallas Buyers Club, Captain Phillips and World War Z. Lots of characters fighting for their lives in so many different ways.


All the end-of-year mashups have a knack for ending on a good note so I made sure mine wouldn’t this year. Not only does this clip from The Conjuring Trailer 2 perfectly fit in with the theme of watching your back - it is also a great way to end with a suspenseful bang that doesn’t actually happen. PS: There is totally a face in there - right in the middle of the frame… it looks like the puppet in Dead Silence. See you all next year and until then, sleep tight!


Anonymous asked:

Hi Sleepy Skunk do you live in the US or UK? We have position for an assistant editor in our entertainment agency. Are you looking for a job?

I live in Toronto, Canada. Sorry! :)

List of movies used in my 2013 Movie Trailer Mashup:


0:08 - The Informant

0:09 - The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

0:10 - The Fifth Estate

0:10 - The Act of Killing

0:11 - God Loves Uganda

0:12 - The Gatekeepers 

0:12 - Lone Survivor

0:13 - Ip Man: Final Fight

0:14 - Lone Survivor

0:15 - Metallica: Through The Never

0:15 - Broken City

0:16 - Saving Mr. Banks

0:17 - Gangster Squad

0:18 - Escape From Tomorrow

0:19 - Mandela: A Long Walk to Freedom

0:20 - Black Nativity

0:21 - Emperor

0:22 - The Family

0:23 - 12 Years a Slave

0:25 - Mandela: A Long Walk to Freedom

0:27 - The Great Gatsby

0:28 - 42

0:29 - The Butler

0:31 - 2 Guns

0:33 - Captain Phillips

0:38 - The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

0:41 - Fruitvale Station

0:42 - 47 Ronin

0:43 - Beautiful Creatures

0:44 - A Haunted House

0:45 - Elysium

0:46 - John Dies at the End

0:47 - Texas Chainsaw 3D

0:48 - A Touch of Sin

0:49 - Mr. Nobody

0:50 - The Last Exorcism: Part II

0:51 - Shadow Dancer

0:51 - White House Down

0:53 - Red 2

0:54 - Texas Chainsaw 3D

0:55 - 2 Guns

0:55 - G.I. Joe: Retaliation

0:56 - The Purge

0:57 - You’re Next

0:57 - Metallica: Through The Never

0:58 - The Colony

0:59 - V/H/S 2

1:00 - Spring Breakers

1:01 - Filth

1:02 - Metallica: Through The Never

1:03 - A Touch of Sin

1:04 - Metallica: Through The Never

1:05 - Mr, Nobody

1:06 - Adore

1:07 - Berberian Sound Studio

1:08 - Her

1:08 - Blue Jasmine

1:09 - Room 237

1:11 - The Last Exorcism Part II

1:12 - The Counsellor

1:12 - Stoker

1:13 - American Hustle

1:14 - Nebraska

1:15 - Gangster Squad

1:16 - Out of the Furnace

1:17 - American Hustle

1:18 - Spring Breakers

1:19 - Don Jon

1:20 - Gangster Squad

1:20 - Only God Forgives

1:22 - Escape From Tomorrow

1:22 - The Lone Ranger

1:24 - The Great Gatsby

1:26 - Violet and Daisy

1:26 - The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

1:28 - V/H/S 2


1:31 - The World’s End

1:44 - Anchorman 2

1:45 - The Smurfs 2

1:46 - The Internship

1:47 - Grown Ups 2

1:48 - Identity Thief

1:48 - The To Do List

1:49 - Instructions Not Included

1:51 - Delivery Man

1:53 - Bad Grandpa

1:55 - Don Jon

1:57 - The Croods

1:58 - Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2

1:59 - Free Birds

2:00 - The Way Way Back

2:01 - Much Ado About Nothing

2:02 - Walking With Dinosaurs

2:03 - The Croods

2:04 - Epic

2:05 - Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain

2:06 - We’re The Millers

2:07 - Fast and Furious 6

2:09 - After Earth

2:10 - Battle of the Year

2:11 - Her

2:12 - Frozen

2:13 - The Best Man Holiday

2:14 - The Kings of Summer

2:15 - Kill Your Darlings

2:15 - The Heat

2:16 - I’m So Excited

2:17 - 21 and Over

2:18 - Oz: The Great and Powerful

2:19 - The Croods

2:20 - Warm Bodies

2:21 - Planes

2:22 - Last Vegas

2:23 - Star Trek Into Darkness

2:24 - Turbo

2:25 - Monsters University

2:28 - Ender’s Game

2:29 - August: Osage County

2:30 - Fast and Furious 6

2:30 - The ABC’s of Death

2:32 - The Wolverine

2:33 - Fast and Furious 6

2:34 - Rush

2:36 - Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

2:37 - The Last Stand

2:38 - Turbo

2:39 - 22 Bullets

2:40 - Dead Man Down

2:41 - Chinese Zodiac (CZ12)

2:41 - Fast and Furious 6

2:42 - Getaway

2:43 - Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

2:45 - Despicable Me 2

2:49 - A Good Day to Die Hard

2:50 - Machete Kills

2:51 - Dhoom 3

2:52 - Man of Tai Chi

2:53 - Gangster Squad

2:53 - Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

2:54 - Getaway

2:55 - Elysium

2:56 - Kick-ass 2

2:57 - Dead Man Down

2:58 - The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

2:58 - Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters

2:59 - Bullet to the Head

3:00 - Escape From Planet Earth

3:00 - Oz: The Great and Powerful

3:01 - Dead Man Down

3:01 - Parker

3:02 - G.I. Joe: Retaliation

3:03 - Now You See Me

3:04 - Pacific Rim

3:06 - The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

3:07 - Machete Kills

3:08 - 47 Ronin

3:09 - Man of Steel

3:10 - Riddick

3:11 - Star Trek Into Darkness

3:12 - The Wolverine

3:13 - Oz: The Great and Powerful

3:14 - Rush

3:14 - 2 Guns

3:15 - Getaway

3:16 - The Last Stand

3:16 - The Lone Ranger

3:17 - Chinese Zodiac (CZ12)

3:18 - Pain and Gain

3:19 - The Wolf of Wall Street

3:19 - The ABC’s of Death

3:20 - Metro

3:20 - Ender’s Game

3:21 - This is the End

3:21 - The Canyons

3:22 - The Wolf of Wall Street

3:23 - The Bling Ring

3:24 - Carrie

3:25 - Fast and Furious 6

3:26 - The Hangover Part III

3:28 - The ABC’s of Death

3:29 - Oz: The Great and Powerful

3:29 -The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

3:30 - Jack the Giant Slayer

3:31 - Thor: The Dark World

3:32 - R.I.P.D.

3:33 - You’re Next

3:34 - G.I. Joe: Retaliation

3:35 - The World’s End


3:35 - The World’s End

3:40 - Violet and Daisy

3:42 - Broken City

3:43 - How I Live Now

3:44 - The Lone Ranger

3:45 - The Great Beauty

3:46 - Grace of Monaco

3:48 - Romeo and Juliet

3:49 - The Host

3:50 - Upstream Color

3:51 - The Great Beauty

3:52 - Man of Steel

3:53 - To The Wonder

3:54 - The Grandmaster

3:55 - 12 Years a Slave

3:57 - Rush

3:58 - Beautiful Creatures

3:59 - Gloria

4:01 - Mama

4:03 - Stories We Tell

4:06 - The Wind Rises

4:10 - Oblivion

4:12 - Philomena

4:14 - Another

4:16 - Prisoners

4:17 - Filth

4:19 - Upside Down

4:21 - R.I.P.D.

4:22 - How I Live Now

4:25 - Hummingbird (Redemption)

4:25 - Jobs

4:27 - Drinking Buddies

4:28 - Inside Llewyn Davis

4:29 - Short Term 12

4:31 - The Place Beyond The Pines

4:33 - The Colony

4:35 - Upside Down

4:36 - The Book Thief

4:37 - Best Man Down

4:38 - To The Wonder

4:39 - About Time

4:41 - Her

4:44 - Enough Said

4:45 - Before Midnight

4:47 - Kill Your Darlings

4:48 - The Big Wedding

4:49 - Mama

4:50 - Lords of Salem

4:52 - Carrie

4:53 - The Butler

4:55 - Mud

4:56 - Blue is the Warmest Color

4:57 - The Spectacular Now

5:00 - Populaire

5:01 - I Give It a Year

5:02 - Mood Indigo

5:03 - Frances Ha

5:04 - The Incredible Burt Wonderstone

5:05 - The Great Gatsby

5:06 - Oz: The Great and Powerful

5:07 - The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

5:08 - The Grandmaster

5:10 - The Great Beauty

5:11 - Man of Steel

5:12 - Oldboy

5:13 - The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

5:15 - Man of Steel

5:16 - The Book Thief

5:18 - Dallas Buyers Club

5:20 - The Wall

5:22 - The Hangover Part III

5:23 - The Fifth Estate

5:24 - Escape Plan

5:25 - The Fifth Estate

5:26 - The Informant

5:29 - The East

5:30 - Getaway

5:30 - The Fifth Estate

5:31 - Pain and Gain

5:33 - Byzantium

5:34 - The Purge

5:35 - White House Down

5:36 - Olympus Has Fallen

5:38 - Dead Man Down

5:39 - Side Effects

5:40 - Dead Man Down

5:41 - A Good Day to Die Hard

5:42 - The East

5:42 - The Host

5:43 - Shanghai Calling

5:44 - R.I.P.D.

5:44 - White House Down

5:45 - Byzantium

5:46 - Pain and Gain

5:47 - Prisoners

5:48 - Broken City

5:49 - Getaway

5:50 - Charlie Countryman

5:51 - Baggage Claim

5:52 - Paranoia

5:53 - The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

5:55 - G.I. Joe: Retaliation

5:56 - Olympus Has Fallen

5:57 - Escape Plan

5:58 - The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

5:59 - The Call

5:59 - The Last Stand

6:01 - Iron Man 3

6:02 - Evil Dead

6:03 - The Purge

6:03 - Dark Skies

6:05 - The Wolf of Wall Street

6:06 - The Grandmaster

6:07 - The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

6:08 - Gravity

6:09 - Rush

6:11 - Dallas Buyers Club

6:12 - 12 Years a Slave

6:13 - Gravity

6:14 - All Is Lost

6:15 - World War Z

6:17 - Captain Phillips

6:18 - The Call

6:18 - Snitch

6:19 - Homefront

6:19 - Insidious: Chapter 2

6:20 - Runner Runner

6:20 - Stand Up Guys

6:21 - Side Effects

6:21 - Trance

6:21 - Berberian Sound Studio

6:22 - Prisoners

6:22 - The Wolf of Wall Street

6:22 - Byzantium

6:23 - Ender’s Game

6:24 - Dark Skies

6:25 - Now You See Me

6:26 - The Unknown Known

6:27 - The Conjuring

Deconstructing the 2012 Movie Trailer Mashup

Why deconstructing a mashup? Because these videos are often perceived as a random mess of pretty images from movie trailers. While that’s absolutely true, there’s an opportunity to explore themes and also pay a few obscure tributes to elements that don’t belong in the video itself but that are generally widespread within pop culture. Sometimes, a collection of random but visually stunning sequences can unite to create its own experience. 6 minutes and 46 seconds… Like Pokemon, let’s see if you were able to catch them all!


"There’s a storm coming…"  warns Selina Kyle. A dark superhero quote and a reference to a trailer from another dark superhero film that used Pruit Igoe to great effect: heavy shots of rain while Rorschach walks around town in the 2009 Zack Snyder film Watchmen. (see trailer here:)


A little silent lightning from Once Upon a Time in Anatolia - which flashes lights on the same musical cue from which Rorschach checks out his gadget wall to a flashing effect in the Watchmen trailer. I am toying with your subconscious - studio marketing style - so you don’t remember you already liked my video before (just kidding)…


"You were made…" Wasn’t the human race made by black goo drinking, not so nice when you talk to them engineers in Prometheus? No one better than Loki from The Avengers as our narrator to remind us of that.


"…to be ruled." A superb view of a dystopian South Korea of the future in Cloud Atlas - Neo-Seoul to be precise - where fabricants like Sonmi-451 were literally made… to be ruled.


A little teenage fangirl stalks Twilight idol Robert Pattinson but there’s a twist: she’s also a vampire. The nightclub setting behind her creates an unexpected bridge between Cosmopolis and Hotel Transylvania.


A little segment about conformity narrated by yours truly, Max Von Sydow. Conformity of human behavior comes in many forms. I touch upon corporate, then government (seen pic above), then beauty, then hop we move into Antiviral by Brandon Cronenberg which should be regarded as the pinnacle of such sentiment.


Cute girls usually don’t do drugs. This one does! The nightmare of pessimistic imagery from 2012 movies goes medical now. The logical transition for the longest time was that Antiviral boy injects the syringe and Beyond the Black Rainbow girl starts buzzing. I made a last minute choice to separate the two. Bad break-up.


A doctor in Perfect Sense warns us all that "There’s over a hundred reported cases in England, France, Italy, Spain." Cue in obvious shots of movies that took place in those countries. Skyfall, The Intouchables, To Rome With Love, and REC 3: Genesis as a convenient gateway into my little horror tribute.


As the music starts to descend deeper and deeper to the lowest possible pitch, I wanted to give a small nod to my favorite interpretation of the devil in movies, which is a creature you do not see. "You silver-tongued devil, you" can be heard by Christoph Waltz as we finally get a glimpse of the shadowy figure. I suspect that Sam Mendes is likely a fan of Polanski horror flicks.


Let’s get this party started! Bring on the Capitol, the Volturi, the Moon Nazis and the Cabin in the Woods. ‘Dystopialooza’ officially kicks off with this moving shot from a small Norwegian film called Flukt. It has a very good premise that introduces the segment perfectly (see trailer here):


"5… 4… 3… 2… 1…" There’s a nice sound effect when the Moon Nazi Troops from Iron Sky all stomp their feet at the same time which is a tribute to Bryan Singer’s Valkyrie. One of the most effective movie trailers of the past few years in my opinion since it captures that tension of being trapped and attempting to take down a dangerous empire (see trailer here)


Just the idea of characters from different films turning their heads while someone uses an intercom is pretty cool. But we saw many titles in 2012 that dealt with life-threatening building isolation. The Raid and Dredd 3D drew the most comparisons, but try also Asylum Blackout which features two prison cooks trapped with convicted murderers during a massive thunderstorm (see trailer here):


So many abandoned properties in a single year! Citadel, Chernobyl Diaries, Grave Encounters 2 all make an appearance. Nice full circle connection that Philip Glass titled his piece Pruit Igoe as this bit focused on a documentary about the failed St.Louis housing project of the same name. A heartbreaking look at poverty.


That leads us to Koyaanisqatsi, the sublime 1982 mashup of beautiful urban imagery. Philip Glass composed this very music for the film itself, which featured aerial shots of the Pruitt-Igoe building complex (see clip here):


But I thought you were referencing Grand Theft Auto and/or Samsara, no? Well, not quite. Both Grand Theft Auto IV and Samsara were referencing Koyaanisqatsi and I was using their content to reference it too. That makes my mashup of a copy of a copy. Make sure to watch the great web series “Everything is a Remix" and click on this link for the original Koyaanisqatsi trailer. Skip to 1:12 and I promise everything will make sense!


Now we’re going all Grand Theft Auto in style, because there’s nothing better in that game than having dozens of cops following you through the city. Maybe Christopher Nolan is a fan of Rockstar Games and he’s not telling us. Make sure to watch the Pruit Igoe GTA IV trailer to see how this all ties together with the previous segment (see trailer here):


"That girl does not leave… this city!" Chris Sarandon really nailed that line in the action movie Safe. The last image of Part one, however, belongs to Starry, Starry Night and it’s a perfect way to conclude on a high note. Nothing scarier than darkness paired with the idea that someone who’s coming for you just turned the lights off.


This is a nice segment at the end of the Project X trailer that serves as a warning for what Part 2 of the mashup is going to feel like: immature, obnoxious, explosive and over-the-top.


Three movies with the exact same color palette merge into what looks like a single scene: Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, John Carter and Wrath of the Titans. Looks pretty seamless when you connect them all.


Everyone keeps saying Liam Neeson is always “such a bad-ass” so I decided to give him an opponent of his own size. Beauuuurrrhh!!!


Even though I never got around to it, I always wanted to create a mashup that would literally play out like a live action version of the game Mouse Trap by only using various clips from movies. Never got around to it but this little segment here comes pretty close to what it would look like. Here’s the commercial for Mouse Trap in case you’re from another planet:


Ving Rhames, with eyes looking for revenge, utters the most memorable quote of 2012: "Bring me my legs." I connected it with Django Unchained right before it. Not race-related but rather for the “I don’t give a sh*t, you are about to face my wrath” Pulp Fiction attitude being in full display.


The sound effect here wasn’t from Wreck-It-Ralph, but rather from 90’s classic Mario Kart 64. I just thought it added to the nostalgic throwback of the film itself. The sound pops up when you press start on the opening menu. Gotta love the good old days, right? (see clip here):


A bike accident… A motorcycle accident… and a car accident. All within 2 and a half seconds. Trailer mashups are so much fun!


Apologies to fans of Spielberg’s Lincoln but that transition, along with the inclusion of the line "Hoooow dare youuuu?" really cracked me up.


This MMA fighter (featured here in the Kevin James comedy Here Comes The Boom) is named Krzysztof Soszynski or K-SOS. One of his friends who trains with him saw this mashup on Mashable and sent it over to him. He was so proud to be featured that he posted it on his fan page saying “I made it in the movie mashup guys!” Fun anecdote :)


There’s no way I was going to dedicate a complete segment to celebrate bad behavior and immaturity but fail to include this memorable scene from the highest grossing comedy of 2012.


"Adult supervision is required." says a giddy Leonardo DiCaprio in Django Unchained. That was the perfect way to end this segment to me because it’s so juvenile to get excited about movies just because of MPAA ratings. Remember when you were a pre-teen and you got excited about NC-17 ratings? That’s what Part 2 of the mashup was all about. The thrill of doing stuff we shouldn’t be doing because it pumps our hearts with adrenaline.


Thanks to a generous budget and a decidedly inspired director (lol), Snow White and the Huntsman gave us some seriously beautiful shots to gaze upon. My goal was to reproduce what a live-action version of The Legend of Zelda would feel like (even for a few seconds). There’s a fountain fairy like effect in front of the tree and so I added a track of children laughter from The Chernobyl Diaries trailer (lol again). Legend of Zelda as a franchise needs to happen. Let’s go, Hollywood!


The song ultimately dictates what types of images you can show, and I am so happy M83 starts slow enough that I could use this gorgeous sequence from Pixar’s Brave. The 2012 Movie Trailer Mashup was featured in the print edition of the USA Today and they used this part as a picture beside it. Excellent choice, editorial team!


"Creatures of my dreams raise up and dance with me." Only in a dream could you see a woman wearing a red dress dancing upside down underwater, which is exactly what Ruby Sparks seems to be doing there.


This transition between The Odd Life of Timothy Green and Red Tails was a small nod to the fantastic teaser trailer for Pearl Harbor. Clearly I am not the only one who thinks that piece of marketing was memorable: Just watch it for yourselves and then go watch the first teaser trailer for Man of Steel. Uncanny… (see the Pearl Harbor teaser trailer here):


I really wanted to present these destruction scenes from The Amazing Spider-man and Prometheus back-to-back because both gratify us with visual effects that hold an incredible sense of scale. Whatever appears to be falling out of the sky is so massive that it’s happening in slow motion - like an atomic bomb creating an enormous mushroom cloud.


“There is a natural order to this world, and those who try to upend it do not fare well.” Amazing quote from Cloud Atlas but it was only available if I used M83 - Outro because Hugo Weaving speaks it over that song. It circles back to the imagery of Pruit Igoe, but now our hearts are full of hope as movie characters decide to fight back against the oppression. The Hunger Games fits in perfectly.


Meaningful transition: A giant tree falls on the ground and blocks Katniss in her escape as we immediately move on to the diplomats of Argo attempting to escape Iran. A very “Richard Chamberlain looking” Ben Affleck brings us the most tense scene of the year in movies. I had to piece it back together from many trailers like the Amazing Spider-Man in 25 minutes. So worth it to relive that moment in cinema though!


That one was caught more than a few times in the comments section. Tony Stark states that "If we can’t protect the Earth… You can be damn sure we’ll avenge it." while Jessica Chastain looks at the sky before avenging the death of Americans and kill Osama Bin Laden in Zero Dark Thirty. The pain that 9/11 inflicted on New Yorkers was certainly channeled in Joss Whedon’s movie and much more so in Sam Raimi’s original Spider-man. Real life heroes and fictional heroes joining forces.


Water turns into fire! That transition was very neat and I think it’s because when you look at each clip separately, both of them are so gorgeous. It’s only luck that they connected like that. Such a small object turning into such a huge tidal wave. I hope it surprised you at least.


The mashup initially started off with the grim themes of shattered innocence, paranoia and futures where people suffer for no reason. What perfect sense of contrast than to end with a shot of children running in the streets, smiling. Not a care in the world. Protecting the world also means protecting their perception of it.


One last shot before we fade to black. See you in December 2013!

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